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At the time being , offering consulting engineering services has rised the expectations considering the variety of technology levels and the requirements of the employers , therefore co-operation between employers and contractors , association and effective collaboration between these two productive factors is required . In this Challenging Path , organizational potency gives way to development and ascendancy.

One of the most important challenges is gathering the proper fundamental structures and resolving the economic dependency . From This point of view ; designing , establishing and improving of quality assurance becomes one of the most important strategic goals which is achievable by offering effective services and using the assistance of all the personnel . Farda Fan Pars was established in 2003 and has been giving consulting and assurance services to related suppliants ever since. With using both practical and methodical experiences of the directors, experts and personnel and having the benefit of the software facilities , Farda Fan Pars is looking forward to offer any related services . In 2012 , Farda Fan Pars succeeded in achieving the highest grade certificate of the qualification in consulting engineering services.


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